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  • Sotto Sopra Restaurant 405 N. Charles Street Baltimore (map)

$65 per person - *Credit Card Guarantee

Reservations by email only:

Class is limited to 12 students

This cooking class will launch Sotto Sopra Restaurant’s year-long love story with Bergamo Italy. Bergamo is Chef/Owner Riccardo Bosio’s hometown and he wants to feature the flavors and lifestyle that were part of his journey into the culinary world, to encapsulate the beauty of his native city bite-by-bite. 

 Riccardo’s long time friend, Chef Gianbattista Oldrati from the 4 star Piajo Hotel located in the Bergamo province of Nembro, will be visiting the United States and has agreed to teach this demonstration cooking class. The class will feature a number of Bergamo’s iconic dishes: Casonsei de la Bergamasca, Bergamasca’s Capu, and Torta Donizzetti

 Bergamo, Italy is approximately 25 miles northeast of Milan and 19 miles from Switzerland and Lake Como.  One can taste the influence of this region’s agriculture in the cuisine with the uses of cheese, polenta, and cream.  Bergamo has two centers: the Alta (upper-Ancient) city and the Bassa (lower-modern) city, in fact, these up and down sections of the city were the inspiration for the name of the restaurant, Sotto Sopra – which translates to upside-down.

 Students will join us in our restaurant kitchen where visiting Italian Chef Gianbattista will teach the preparation of three regional dishes from Bergamo Italy.   At the completion of the class, everyone will be seated in the dining room and indulge in the dishes prepared with a glass of wine.




Typical fresh egg pasta ravioli with a filling of calf meat, fresh salami, sultanas, lemon peel, grated bread, aromatic herbs and amaretti. The dish with a traditional seasoning made with bacon, brown butter, sage and grated Grana Padano.


Savoy cabbage rolls stuffed with: cotechino, grated bread, grated Grana Padano, parsley and eggs. The seasoning is a simple tomato sauce.


Bergamo’s typical cake in the shape of a donut prepared with: butter, sugar, eggs, flour, candied apricots, candied pineapples and maraschino.

  Credit Card Guaranteed Reservations :


*Reservations and a credit card guarantee is required. If the reservation is  cancelled  48 hours or less before the class, the student will be billed the full cost of the class unless we can fill the spot should there be a waiting list.  Students will be required to fill out a release form before entering the kitchen. 

If you can’t make the cooking class, Chef Oldrati will be preparing a 4 course Bergamo dinner on Wednesday, January 9th starting at 7 p.m. for $45